Digital Biz Plan Book

"Discover Planning Reinvented Through The Power Of A Versitile, Easy-To-Use App, And The Intuitive Planning Process You Love Inside Of The Biz Plan Book...FINALLY!"

What if The Biz Plan Book and The Bullet Journal got together and had a DIGITAL BABY?

That's the exact question I asked myself recently.

You see, The Biz Plan Book is now in it's 3rd year and those who use it LOVE IT. Right after the first Biz Plan Book got released, The Bullet Journal system came out and I became obsessed with it.

I struggled for two years with my love of both systems, the powerful workbook portion of The Biz Plan Book and the flexibleness of The Bullet Journal. I wanted to be able to combine the two, so I worked on many different on how they could work together.

I've recreated the Biz Plan Book inside my Bullet Journal. 

I've recreated the Bullet Journal system inside of The Biz Plan Book and the only part that really worked was the list of to-dos. 

What I REALLY WANTED was a digital version of BOTH.

Something that had the power of the workbook from the Biz Plan Book in the way it intuitively drew out the knowledge that gets trapped inside those deep recesses of the brain.

Something that had the flexibility to move things around, take more important notes, and frankly organize an entire business inside of it.

Business stuff like:

  • Project Trackers
  • Blog Calendars
  • Promo Calendars
  • Weekly Agenda
  • To-Do Lists
  • Goals
  • Vision
  • Ideas
  • Brainstorming area
  • Workflows
  • Randomness

All those things you need to run your business smoothly from an organization and planning perspective - all from ONE PLACE!

I couldn't find anything out there that really suited my personal needs.

Until I discovered...


An online application that you can use in your browser or download the app directly onto your Mac or Windows machine, and even on iOS (Android App coming soon) so you can have it anytime, anywhere.

What I've created for you is an entire business workflow and organization space as a template that you can use as-is or customize to your hearts content. 

I want you to have a full-on interactive experience with your business planning that helps you see the big picture and what your next steps are.

I want you to enjoy your planning process.

I want you to be successful in your business because you've become focused and clear every step of the way.

Let's get into the details...

This is what the homepage of the Online Biz Plan Book looks like:

The Digital Biz Plan Book Workspace template includes:

  • Agendas and Workflows
  • Weekly Agenda / To Do List
  • Blog Post & Promo Calendar <-- THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!
  • Monthly Goals and Check-in
  • Visioning Area
  • My Big Why Workflow
  • My Business Mission
  • Business Dream & Vision Board Area
  • Daily Intentions & Habit Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Project Trackers
  • Goals Area for This Year's Goals
  • Brainstorming Area <-- THE MOST POWERFUL SPACE!
  • Notes Area
  • Project Ideas Space
  • Randomness Notes Space
  • Bonus: Podcast Workflow!

You will be able to copy ALL of this over into your very own Notion account!

Each of the areas inside of the Workspace comes with detailed video instruction on how to use and customize every aspect of this Workspace. 

You will be essentially stepping into a completely setup up and organized Workspace that will get you into clear, focused action right away!

Don't delay on starting to create your successful and organized business!






This Year's Goals
Brainstorming Area

Agendas and Workflows




Podcast Workflow


Natalie Marie Collins

Natalie Marie Collins is a Business, Life & Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach who has helped many entrepreneurs discover their own inner brilliance, and then helped them turn it into a profitable business that fuels their souls. One baby step at a time.   

She has been using writing as a meditation since being introduced to stream of consciousness writing in 2009.

Writing Meditations have seen Natalie through raising children, a divorce, finding true love, discovering her love of coaching, and through her own ongoing spiritual, body, and emotional healing journey.