Daily Happiness & Gratitude Writing Meditation Workbook

Achieve daily happiness and gratitude with this simple, yet effective writing meditation that you can do in 10 minutes or less.

But sometimes that's a lot easier said than done. 

Happiness is one of the most craved emotions we can have. We just want to be happy! Yet, it can feel so illusive or even just temporary.

The truth is, is that no one thing, person, or place can make you happy, except for yourself. Happiness comes from within you and once you've achieved it, nobody can take it away from you.

With the Daily Happiness & Gratitude Writing Meditation Workbook, you'll be guided easy to answer questions that will bring you:

  • Greater feelings of happiness and gratitude
  • A clear knowing of what you have to be grateful for
  • Confindence in being happy

All this in 10 minutes or less*!

This workbook can also be used over and over as you move through deeper and deeper layers of happiness and gratitude. 

Get started today!



*While it is easily possible to go through this small, yet powerful, writing meditation in 10 minutes or less, everyone has their own process. If you feel you need more time once you get started, honor your process and give yourself more time. Know also that the faster you can move through something as deep as these questions go, will allow you to tap into more of your subconcious, which is a very powerful ally to work with. 





Natalie Marie Collins

Natalie Marie Collins has been using writing as a meditation since being introduced to stream of consciousness writing in 2009.

Writing Meditations have seen Natalie through raising children, a divorce, finding true love, becoming a life, business and creativity coach, and through her own ongoing spiritual, body, and emotional healing journey.